Martin Aufmuth
Inventor of the OneDollarGlasses and chairman of the association | © Jelena Aufmuth

Martin Aufmuth

The OneDollarGlasses emerged from months of experiments and a number of failed attempts. Likewise, the bending apparatus described on the website has had several previous versions. My invention succeeded their first field test in April 2012 in Uganda, where I trained the first team of local workers. Back then about 500 people could be supplied with glasses during that first training.

On the second day of this stay in Uganda, the 14 year old daughter of our driver Sulayman died. Of malaria. Sulayman was got one day`s leave to bury her, then he had to go back to work. If he had had the few dollars for medicine and hospitalization, his daughter would probably still be alive. Extreme poverty does not only mean hunger, but also illness, hopelessness, missed opportunities in life. 150 million people around the world would need a pair of glasses. Many of them can not go to school for that reason, can not work and can - as a consequence - not provide for themselves and their families.

This is what I want to change.




(Martin Aufmuth, President of OneDollarGlasses)


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