Anja Haverkock
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Anja Haverkock

Being keen to discover the world has led me to Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania and Ethiopia and ... to Erlangen - where I met Martin Aufmuth and his team at the „Fernweh-Festival“ (a travel and information fair that takes place once a year)!  I instantly took to his idea and vision and became a member of OneDollarGlasses at once!

A pair of glasses manufactured from components worth roughly one dollar, tailor-made for the customer and completely independent of electrical power, and all that with help of a high-tech optician's workshop that fits into a portable wooden box the size of a hat box?

I am absolutely inspired by this idea! But how are these glasses supposed to get to the customers?

The answer is: by locals who receive a training on the job and can afterwards supply people with custom-made glasses ... Developed in Germany, made in Rwanda, Uganda, Bolivia, etc.  Not given away for free as charitable donations that will create dependencies, but sold at affordable prices. A concept that is aiming at building up social entrepreneurship and at getting people in developing countries to empower themselves to take action!

I am totally convinced by the concept. But who benefits from it?

Millions of people who are finally no longer handicapped by their refractive error! And the local OneDollarGlasses-optician who can build a livelihood on it! Instead of getting a patent on the new kind of glasses, Martin Aufmuth decided to set up a non-profit organization which is aiming at providing millions of people with affordable glasses.

I am moved by this spirit and this immense commitment.

That is why I feel committed to OneDollarGlasses. And so I am delighted to be part of this fantastic project and wish to promote it, especially in the field of advertising & communication.

Anja Haverkock