BreakOut 2018

BreakOut-Teams | © Martin Aufmuth

BreakOut 2018 to support OneDollarGlasses

Hundreds of adventure seekers have been traveling for a good cause every year for 5 years. The start: June 8, 2018 in Munich, Berlin and Barcelona. The goal: unknown! Any form of transportation is permitted as long as it does not cost money.

Behind BreakOut is a motivated team of students, all of whom are volunteers. The proceeds from the competition of EUR 69,429.66 went to OneDollarGasses. Total distance traveled: 109,711 km. Thank you dear breakout team. It was a lot of fun!

Photos: BreakOut e.V.; story: Martin Aufmuth

“Cool action – so far to travel without money.”

Markus Urff, participant in the BreakOut