On-site help

Roadside enlightenment | © Smruti Ranjan Patra

India coming to the people

Many people in the villages of India live in absolute poverty. The Covid pandemic has made their situation even worse. They have no money for the trip to the city to go to the optician there. Therefore, it is so important that our teams come to the people. 

Einladung zum Sehtest | © Smruti Ranjan Patra

Invitation for an Eye Test | © Smruti Ranjan Patra 

People with vision problems often do not even know that glasses would help them. Our employees talk to them and invite them to visit our eye camp and get a free eye test. 

Im Dorf auf dem Hof | © Pratima Sahoo

In the village in the Courtyard | © Pratima Sahoo

Our ophthalmic teams not only go door to door but also visit farmers in the field, talk to women on the way to fetching water or weaving saris.  

Aufklärung auf der Straße | © Smruti Ranjan Patra

Roadside enlightenment | © Smruti Ranjan Patra

Diptimayee, Kaushalya and all their colleagues come from even the poorest backgrounds in the countryside. They speak the language of the people and know their needs. 

eim Wasserholen | © Smruti Ranjan Patra

While fetching water | © Smruti Ranjan Patra

Weaving saris is an artful, hard and very poorly paid job. It is difficult to feed a family from it. If, with increasing age, a presbyopia is added, the survival of all is at risk.

Weberin | © Jagan Dash

Weaver | © Jagan Dash

As soon as Corona had subsided, the rain came. Unusually heavy rainfall caused problems for our mobile teams. Like in this photo, in which the young women must push the tuk-tuk through the floods to get to a village cut off from the masses of water. 

Überschwemmung | © Babita Bindhani

Flood | © Babita Bindhani

Due to the many personal contacts, a strict corona protocol applies to patients and teams: masks for the employees and disinfectants for each patient are part of it. 

Desinfektion vor dem Sehtest | © Akhila Kumar Dash

Disinfection before Eye Test | © Akhila Kumar Dash

Sehtest an der Tafel | © Jhuma Naik

Eye Test at the blackboard | © Jhuma Naik


Glücklich mit ihrer neuen EinDollarBrille | © Antje Christ

Happy with the new OneDollarGlasses | © Antje Christ

There has never been an optician in this slum.“

Raidas, Slum in Bhubaneshwar