Help us!
Jakob from Germany at the training in Musambira / Rwanda 2013 | © Martin Aufmuth

Help us!

Become a coach!

We are looking for optometrists and ophthalmologists for one of our two-week trainings in Africa, South America, Asia, etc. Here in Germany we offer regular one-day crash courses in which we teach how to produce OneDollarGlasses and how to pass on this knowledge.  

If interested, please write a short email to: Martin Aufmuth, [email protected]


Show your customers and patients that you are involved in social projects:

1) make publicity for the OneDollarGlasses
2) display a bending machine in your store
3) donate 1, 2 or 5 Euros to OneDollarGlasses for every pair of glasses sold
4) Organize a OneDollarGlasses-workshop for interested customers


What we can provide:

-  a pair of OneDollarGlasses as a sample
-  flyers and slideshows
-  bending machines for display and demonstration
- Collection boxes



Martin Aufmuth
Tel: +49 9131 9232803
Email: [email protected]