Join us!
Children in Malawi, 2012 | © Martin Aufmuth

Join us!

1. Donate!

Since the idea of the OneDollarGlasses is still very new we depend on donations. New bending machines have to be bought, components for glasses must be pre-financed, on-site trainings organized… We try to keep costs at a minimum, but we do need any financial support we can get and are very grateful for every single donation!  (Donate here)


2. Tell about us!

Help us to get known by everybody. Tell other people about our idea! Add a link from your website to

We are happy to send you flyers (please email to: [email protected]). If you pass them on to friends, you will help us to quickly increase the number of our supporters.

We have also prepared a slide presentation for your information, please download and forward to friends: OneDollarGlasses_Uganda.pdf


3. Buy a bending unit!                                                                                            

A complete opticians equipment costs 2,500 €. This allows a group of up to ten people to produce and sell about 30,000 glasses per year. 


4. Become a coach!

We are looking for dedicated people who support us as coaches at the training of OneDollarGlasses opticians. We regularly offer crash courses in Germany in which we show potential helpers how to produce our glasses. After a bit of practice you can accompany us as a coach for one of our training courses. You are sure to meet many interesting people on these trips and gain valuable experiences.                                       


If you are interested, contact us (Contact: Martin Aufmuth, mail: [email protected])