Legacy & Will

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Legacy & Will

Have you supported OneDollarGlasses in the past? Is our project something that touched you or a loved one? Then maybe an inheritance to our organization is something to consider.

An important part of the estate planning process is deciding how you want to distribute your assets under a will. A donation benefits both you and the people and our organization. One of your goals could be to leave assets to a non-profit organization like OneDollarGlasses.

Having a donation in your will is one way to leave your personal legacy and support a cause that matters to you.


Donation in your will

  • support and touch the lives of many people when they receive glasses you donate or a free eye test. We have a limited budget and rely on private funds to continue our work. Having a donation to OneDollarGlasses in your last will can help maintain our organization and touch the lives of many people for years to come.
  • leave a personal legacy. Wills are an opportunity to contribute to something that matters to you. An organization that makes a difference in your life lets you live indirectly in it.
  • offer financial benefits. For example, to reduce your tax burden during your life, you can take out life insurance with OneDollarGlasses as a beneficiary and claim the annual costs as a charitable donation. If you want to reduce your inheritance tax after your death, you can make a cash donation in your will.


You have many options to donate with your will. The most common types are:

  • General gift: A certain amount of money or a percentage of your estate
  • Remaining gift: Any remaining credit after all other requests have been fulfilled
  • Special gift: The donation of a specific object, such as furniture or a vehicle
  • Conditional donation: A donation based on the fulfilment of certain conditions, for example if your main beneficiary dies before you


We are happy to support and advise you personally and discreetly. Please contact [email protected].

“OneDollarGlasses are my life – I wouldn’t be here without them.”

Souleymane Siguiri, employee in Burkina Faso – was almost starving when he started working for OneDollarGlasses