Glasses production in the monastery

Myanmar with its countless golden temple roofs is now one of the poorest countries in the world.

Landscape view| © Jürg Messerli. EinDollarBrille Schweiz

ODG Brazil - Facts

  • Started work: 2014
  • More than 145,000 vision tests performed
  • Over 50,000 people provided with glasses
  • 20 employees on site
  • Main location: São Paolo
  • Eye camps in the favelas and the Amazon
  • 3 social-optics shops
  • Project name: VerBem (Good Vision)
Basic data - Brazil
  • Population: 210 million
  • Population density: 25,6 inhabitants per km2
  • GDP per inhabitant: USD 1,868
  • 22% of school drop-outs due to children's sight defects

ODG Bolivia - Facts

  • Started work: 2014
  • Over 45,000 people provided with glasses
  • Over 60,000 vision tests performed
  • 22 local employees
  • Main location: Santa Cruz
  • Eye camps with mobile optical unit
  • Central production for South America: 75,000 frames manufactured
  • Project name: Lentes al Instante
Basic data - Bolivia
  • Population: 11,5 million
  • Population density: 10,5 inhabitants per km2
  • GDP per inhabitant: USD 3,566

ODG Malawi - Facts

  • Started working: 2014
  • Over 40,000 people provided with glasses
  • More than 100,000 vision tests performed
  • Main location: Lilongwe
  • 46 employees on site
  • Around 1,000 eye-camps
  • Five eyewear centers
  • Project name: GoodVisionGlasses
Basic data - Malawi
  • Population: 20 million
  • Population density: 10,5 inhabitants per km2
  • GDP per inhabitant: USD 350 (rank 190 of 193)
  • About half of the people live on USD 65 per year

ODG Burkina Faso - Facts

  • Started working: 2013
  • Over 60,000 people provided with glasses
  • More than 140,000 vision tests performed
  • 65 employees on site
  • Central production in Ouagadougou (capital)
  • Average of 30 eye camps per month
  • 20 spectacle centres as permanent contact points
  • Project name: GoodVisionGlasses
Basic data - Burkina Faso
  • Population: 20 million
  • Population density: 73 inhabitants per km2
  • GDP per inhabitant: USD 716 (rank 179 of 193)

ODG India - Facts

  • Started working: 2017
  • Over 17,000 people provided with glasses
  • More than 55,000 vision tests performed
  • about 60 employees on site
  • Headquarter in the state of Odisha
  • Over 1,000 eye camps with small mobile teams
  • Project name: CARE Netram
Basic data - India
  • Population: 1.3 billion
  • Population density: 455 inhabitants per km2
  • GDP per inhabitant: USD 2,719

ODG Peru - Facts

  • Started working: 2019
  • Over 2,000 people provided with glasses
  • Main location: Lima
  • 10 eye-camps in the poor outskirts of the capital Lima
  • Project name: Lentes al Instante (good vision)
Basic data - Peru
  • Population: 33 million
  • Population density: 25 inhabitants per km2
  • GDP per inhabitant: USD 7,007
  • About a quarter of the population lives in the region Lima
  • Peru is geographically the third largest country in South America

ODG Kenya - Facts

  • Started working: 2014
  • Main location: Kisii County
  • Focus of work: Improving eye care in the public health system in Kisii County
  • Project name: Tuone Vizuri Miwani (Good Vision)
Basic data - Kenya
  • Population: 49 million
  • Population density: 90 inhabitants per km2
  • PDP per inhabitant: USD 1,832

ODG Myanmar - Facts

  • Started working: 2018
  • Over 9,000 people provided with glasses
  • Headquarters: Pyimana Township NayPyiTaw
  • Project responsibility: OneDollarGlasses Switzerland
  • 2018: Training of monastery staff in the manufacture of glasses and performing the eye tests
  • 2019: Foundation of an own organization
  • Successful implementation of first eye camps
  • Project name: GoodVisionGlasses
Basic data - Myanmar
  • Population: 53 million
  • Population density: 82 inhabitants per km2
  • GDP per inhabitant: USD 1,300 (162 of 193)

Ethiopia - Facts

  • Started working: 2013
  • Working with Alem Katema e.V. Partnership
  • Main location: Alem Katema, Region Amhara
  • One Dollar Glasses production and optical tests
Basic Data - Ehtiopia
  • Population:  109 million
  • Population density: 95 inhabitants per km2
  • GDP per inhabitant: 772 USD


In 2018, our sister organization OneDollarGlasses Switzerland began training medical staff from Sitagu Buddhist Foundation in the manufacturing and adaptation of OneDollarGlasses. Since then, the team has implemented the project with great work discipline and reliability on site and has already been able to supply a large number of people with glasses.

Contrary to the general strategy of OneDollarGlasses to sell glasses at affordable prices, in Myanmar they are free of charge at the monastery.
This is due to the fact that the inhabitants of the monasteries are subsidized by the local community. They do not have any spare cash for extra purchases.

Own organisation

OneDollarGlasses Switzerland, headed by Jürg Messerli, has founded its own local organization GoodVisionGlasses Ltd. in the official capital NayPyiTaw. The local manager Kaung San is a well-connected businessman with medical knowledge and excellent contacts both in the business world and in the field of eye health. The focus on quality work, but certainly also Kaung San’s good relations to the Ministry of Health, have strengthened the reputation of GoodVisionGlasses Ltd. in Myanmar.

Photos: Jürg Messerli, OneDollarGlasses Switzerland

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“Professionalism convinces​.”

U Buddi Ya, Buddhist monk.
Today reading the religious scriptures is again easy for him – Myanmar