Local partner – Marianne Dötzer
Benin | © Marianne Dötzer, 2014

Local partner – Marianne Dötzer

1987  Marianne Dötzer returned to Benin after she had not been there for 15 years. When she first visited back "her“ village, she brought her video camera.  As the „jungle drums“ could still be relied on, many people came over  to see her and there was a cordial reunion with old friends. During the stay  the documentary  "And give us rain" was being filmed. It was later shown on German television as part of the series "Countries, People, Adventure."

The poverty of the people of Benin did not get out of  Marianne`s mind anymore. Especially the desperate situation of the girls who had next to no access to education at all concerned her a lot.

Rather than attending school, the girls have to take over the work in the house and on the fields. When the village chief of Gobada who was also the headmaster of the local school asked Marianne for financial support for the construction of a new school, the basic idea of "helping people to help themselves" was born. Ever since, Marianne Dötzer devoted all  her energy to this goal.


More information on Marianne Dötzer

19671973 she was an development aid worker in Benin/West Africa

19741977 she worked as a camera assistant

Since 1978 she works as an independent cinematographer and documentary filmmaker

She  is First chairwoman of the registered association  „Wema Home“, which was founded by her


Cooperation with  OneDollarGlasses

In Marianne`s point of view  OneDollarGlasses could be a great opportunity for the country of Benin. At this point there are far too few opticians and ophthalmologists in Benin and the country is in dire need of development here. Marianne Dötzer now acts as country coordinator for the introduction of OneDollarGlasses to  Benin.