Hidden Talent
OneDollarGlasses painted by Celestine | © OneDollarGlasses 2016

Hidden Talent

Celestine is a great talent "hidden" in our team in Malawi. He wrote us: "Thanks for allowing me to expose my talents to the whole world. My paintings are done in a simple way for I don't use drawing board or table. Only water paints, paint brushes and pieces of clothes. My paintings are mostly based on African nature, especially Malawian, and I just create these images on my own. In a special way, I thank my lovely girlfriend Eneless Mtawanga who always encourages me in everything. My dream is to be one of best painters in the world. My advice to my fellow youths, they should not undermine themselves that they can't do better on their own, they should have the positive mind always and they should be courageous to expose what is hidden in them."

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