Opticians and Eye Doctors

Optician in Brazil | © Martin Aufmuth

Opticians and Eye Doctors

As an optician or eye doctor, you are in a visible and important position to support OneDollarGlasses: by informing your customers and patients about our work, collecting donations or supporting us with your specialized knowledge.

The donation box

Individuals believe in patronizing establishments that are committed to a meaningful cause. By displaying the OneDollarGlasses’ donation box in a visible way in your practice, you are asserting your commitment.
The box measures 14 x 14 cm and a pair of OneDollarGlasses are modelled on the box which also displays brochures. Order the donation box and flyers (free of charge) at [email protected].


Join us!

We are looking for individuals with experience in optical refraction for training purposes and work in our project countries. If you would like to get involved, please contact us!

“As a OneDollarGlasses optician, I lead a small team. Most of my income provides for my family’s livelihood.”

Kaushalya Katar, 21 years old, state of Odisha, India