Qualified Partnership

Students in Uganda | © Martin Aufmuth

A range of glasses for your project

Are you working in a social project or non-profit organization and would like to include the care of people with defective vision in your work? Get an assortment of frames and suitable lenses from our local production at cost price by becoming a qualified partner of OneDollarGlasses.


The prerequisites for a partnership are as follows:

  • Eye tests are carried out by qualified opticians or ophthalmologists
  • Required permits are available (import, sale, performance of eye tests etc.)
  • Involvement of local partners and access to a suitable network (for example medical centers, schools, hospitals etc.)
Starter packages

The packages include:

  • 500 frames in the sizes S, M & L
  • 1,200 lenses in standard distribution with -6.0 to +6.0 diopters (in steps of 0.5)

The packages are available in two versions: with a focus on “adults and elderly people” or with a focus on “children and young people”. These two versions include frame sizes and lens strengths adapted to the respective patient group.

Upon request, adjustment bars and eye charts are also available to conduct mobile eye tests. We will show your opticians how to customize our frames.

Further information can be found in our flyer for download.

We will gladly support you with our experience.

Please contact

[email protected]

“The GoodVisionGlasses have given me a new life. Now I can take care of the children and teach them much better.”

Kindergarten teacher (65), Uganda