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OneDollarGlasses’ annual financial statements follow the requirements of the DZI (German Central Institute for Social Issues) and its criteria for the DZI Donation Seal. The Association’s accounts are maintained by an external tax law firm based on an income-surplus calculation. Well-known foundations and organizations such as the Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation, the Siemens Foundation or the Sternstunden campaign support OneDollarGlasses with multi-year partnerships.

Financial reports

Annual financial reports for the individual years can be found in the respective annual report of each year.

Expenditures in 2020

Code of Conduct

OneDollarGlasses’ social and ethical guiding principles can be found in the Code of Conduct:
Code of Conduct of the Association OneDollarGlasses (PDF)

Statutes, Non-profit and Register of Associations

The German Association, EinDollarBrille, was founded by statute on June 21, 2012 and is a registered non-profit organization. EinDollarBrille e.V. is a tax exempt organization authorized to issue donation receipts. The association has its statutory seat in Erlangen, Germany, and is registered with the district court of Fürth: VR 200672. The association’s fiscal year is the calendar year.
Statutes of the Association OneDollarGlasses (PDF)

Transparency International

EinDollarBrille e.V. supports Transparency International and publishes the ten basic points they specify.


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